Over the last 20 years I have had the pleasure of working closely with Louisville Lumber & Millwork on a number of major new construction and renovation projects for Keeneland . We have a mission here at Keeneland to be considered a model facility for the horse racing industry Projects for our facilities are very demanding from a quality and craftsmanship standpoint. Time and again Louisville Lumber and Millwork has delivered by meeting the expectations and quality standards we demand for our architectural millwork requirements.
— John Howard, Projects Administrator, Keeneland Association, Inc.
I cannot say enough good things about Louisville Lumber & Millwork and the work they have done for the Muhammad Ali Center. I personally have worked closely with Ed Brewer and his team of craftsmen on a number of Ali Center renovation projects over the last several years.

My experience with Ed and the team at Louisville Lumber & Millwork; always respectful and willing to help out in any possible way. They truly have partnered with me to ensure deadlines are met and our exhibit renovations are successful. I have been extremely pleased with their attention to detail and the quality of work performed.

It is a great working experience and I look forward to collaborating on future Ali Center projects with the Louisville Lumber & Millwork team.
— Elizabeth Vissing, Senior Director - Muhammad Ali Center
Louisville Lumber and Millwork did a remarkable job capturing the exact look and feel we wanted for the new limestone bourbon Cellar at Maker’s Mark. We needed a space that reflects the handcrafted process we use to create our bourbon and our attention to detail, and those are exactly the same qualities that Louisville Lumber and Millwork brought to this project. It’s a beautiful facility, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their work to make it happen.
— Rob Samuels, Chief Operating Officer, Makers Mark Distillery Inc.
The success of Heaven Hill Distilleries Evan Williams Bourbon Experience is due to the contributions of many stakeholders involved in its unique design and construction. Louisville Lumber & Millwork has played an integral role in that success through the craftsmanship, timely fabrication, and project coordination of their contribution to our project. Louisville Lumber & Millwork provided Heaven Hill with finished products of exceptional quality, on time, and with the highest degree of professionalism.
— Max L. Shapira, President, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.
Louisville Lumber & Millwork met our high expectations for the demanding scope of work on the Independence Bank - Paducah project. They furnished stained Cherry woodwork throughout the 1,200 feet of space, with the added difficult aspect of public focal interest, not one complaint or ‘can’t do it’ was made. They exhibited exemplary workmanship and professionalism throughout the entire project. Projects of this nature are very much like an orchestra – you only get music once every instrument in the process is playing in harmony. When unsuccessful, you get a building; but when successful you get a work of architecture.
— David G. Wills, Managing Principal, Hafer Associates Architecture